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The Great Physician

Updated: May 20, 2022

Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel… These signs will accompany those who believe… They will cast out demons… If they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them… They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Mark 16:15-18 paraphrased.

Abuse is brought on by the demonic realm. Many have tasted its poison. This has made their souls sick, but God has the remedy that will make your heart and soul recover. What God the great Physician heals in you, will build your confidence in the amazing work of the cross, into the depths of your soul. In turn, you will be eager to go and proclaim your truth, in the name of Jesus.

Jesus went to the cross, abused by the governing authorities, that ruled when He walked the earth. Jesus has personal experience. He can relate when you are accused of doing something you did not do. Jesus understands the emotions of being hated. He has compassion on your brokenness. He does not want to separate Himself from you. God wants a close personal relationship with you. Your healing, in the name of Jesus, is possible because He went before you. He paved the way. You have survived things that no one on earth can understand, but God can. When you reach your arms to Jesus, He reaches down from heaven and blesses you with taking your hand. God wants intimacy with you. What walls have you built? Where is your heart locked in a cage? Jesus came to earth to heal the world through the cross. God expects His children to long for His healing. Many people forgo their healing in the name of Jesus because they are too afraid. Jesus is perfect love and He is compassionate. If you do not deal with your fears in Christ; you will not find the freedom in Christ, He longs for you to have.

Do you want to do the will of God? It is God’s will that you heal. Jesus was always pleased when people had faith that He would heal them. Jesus did not heal every person He came in contact with. This is not Biblical, but just maybe, He did not try to heal some people because He knew they lacked faith, in their heart. They still were not sure if God sent Jesus to do the work of Father God. Maybe, that is where you are. Do you have the faith to healing in the name of Jesus? If so, then God wants to use you, to go into all the world and help bring healing to others, in the name of Jesus.

Fear not you are redeemed.

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