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Stefanie Jane Martino Fear Not For You Are Redeemed

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Stefanie Jane uses her passion for music as an opener. To help people be more comfortable talking about an uncomfortable subject. SJ grew up in a musical family and wanted to combine her passion, with helping people break the stigma, so many survivors feel.  25% of women and 1 in 33 men, in the USA, have or will be sexually assaulted. Let's break the silence together. CHANGE ROCKS!

Downward Spiral

You can't call me a saint
Watch out for your feelings
I'm just willing to paint your idea of an existence
Back home I'd lock my door and cry to myself to sleep
I'd lie to myself, I'll be just fine

<<No one sees me locked up
Confining myself It's a long downward spiral I know
The wave of this pain Pushes me further down the slope
I think I've lose all hope In this downward spiral>>

I can't take it anymore
I'm falling so fast
Try to stop myself I wonder how long will this last
Memories of then, send me down
Confound by your vise of wickedness
I have been ripped off
I pray time will soften the blow
But this is how it goes


I would love to slash my wrist
When I have my fits
Just to feel me bleed To know I'm alive I can thrive
No delusion in pain but intrusive
I've been captured by these years of self torture
I need to let go
But he shattered all that really mattered
How can this leave me be



U took a look then made away like a crook in the dark
While I had to lay, I couldn't say a word
Forced to hid inside As my innocents was taken
All of me became shaken
Six years living in hell
As your stupid silent bell
Making me feel

<<Trust is a bust My heart turned to rust
Don't matter there's no need to fuss Cuz trust is a bust
This an't too much to take It's just how I feel
My heart is heavy part steel Cuz trust is a bust>>

Years of fear didn't teach me how to keep gentle love near
Love in my heart, I didn't feel equipped
So many tears to sip With no desire in my soul
I didn't think my heart was whole
Cuz numbness can feel like bliss
If you're willing now to miss
Loves sweet kiss (but)


Open my soul only to you, no matter the mood
Deep in me knew I'd have to start
Or keep falling apart
For you I'll pour it all out
Regardless of myself doubt
Promise you'll see this through
So I can catch a new view
So I don't feel




I wish I could show you what's inside
All I do is run and hide
I know it's not your fault
You're not the one for me

<Cuz you could never see
Who I need to be
So you've got to go
I won't listen, listen, listen anymore>

Somehow it all seemed to dissipate
You weren't so great
All you made me do is hate
But it's not too late for me
I'm gonna pick myself up
And walk on with my own life
Know I have to do what is right for me


You were clouded on what you thought was real
I coulda' shown you the deal
But you made me feel so numb
I should have run
I wish we had more fun
Under the gun
But we both had to hide what's inside of us


Somehow you caged me
Somehow you enraged me
I wish I could show you what's inside
All I do is run and hide
I know it's not your fault
You're not the one for me


Dragon Eyes

I'm not sure which way to go
I realize I've sunk so low
But I need you You can't leave me: as you proceed to go
I don't need your pity
I don't need your lies
But don't look at me with your, dragon eyes
For there is no disguise,
For my lies
But you won't tempt fate and I took your bait

<<I thought I needed you so
But now I see the numbness you caused
Has gone away and now its happy days
As I lay in the sun Like we've never begun>>

I thought you'd come around
Given me a sound ground
To stand upon but I was wrong
You weren't that strong
For me, it took so long
For both to see, building misery


Love to tell you I'm okay
Sure you'd just walk away
Why get caught up, settled down again
All I brought was sin
You could never win
Just wanted you to see
Which is why I just can't let things be



For Me

I'm looking and I can't find you
I need to know where you've headed
So I can try to understand
What turned off, where you lost hope?
Now nothing's a joke
I went up, you fell down
I need you to turn around
Come back from your misery
Please for me

<<Am I worth it to you
Don't you love me enough?
Cuz this is enough of what you've done
If you don't change now
You'll be what you despise
And you'll sit and wonder why I told you so>>

What happened to the way we could kid
No matter what the hell they did
Don't ever let that be forgotten
I'm distraught, at the thought
That you're drowning now
You tripped up and fell in
You're sinking in despair
Come up and take a breath
Just for me



Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it again
Don't wait, don't wait, don't wait for angels
Learn to stand your ground
Learn to walk around
Get up off your knees
Please for me



<<Sorry I love you, sorry I hate you
But I just never knew, which way to go with you
I tried to get it, but a flame just lit it
That thought went up in smoke
Now it sends me round again, I'm sorry, so sorry>>

Sort it out
There's no doubt it's hurting you
What are you supposed to do
You are coming unglued
I'm sorry, I don't get you
Sorry you couldn't cope, what happened to hope
In the end your demons ruled
So now I've lost my chance
For that one last dance


You're free
That's the way God wants it to be
I needed you to be alright
You weren't strong enough to fight
I'm sorry, I don't get you
Sorry I never knew, what made you so blue
You'd think I'd known you a little more
But your temper would make me sore
I had to walk out that door


Deep in me
I prayed that you'd climb higher
I needed you to walk the wire
But you put me through the fire
I'm sorry, I don't get you
Deep down in you, do you regret it?
You made me feel so unloved
Such a shame that you couldn't see
That's the way it has to be
I'm sorry, So sorry, I'm sorry


These trax lead too many places
Here in the middle it divides two sides
Windows shaking, never breaking,
I love to walk the line
Balance put into every step, never fall behind
I'm always far behind

<<I'm crossing these trax and I'm not looking back
I'm taking your hand; you can show me the way
I'm putting all my faith in you and all you doI have to cuz I love you>>

A train is coming and it seems I'm in the middle
And I have to figure out which way to go
I'm not to close to any stops, so I think I'll just get up
But I love to feel the vibe and feel the ride, so here I lie
What a thrill to feel the train so close
But when it's gone, it's gone, now what do you do
I can write and fight the demons in my head
But that's been said before No one wants to listen anymore


In the fog you seemed to stand so far away
Who knew, the other side would came to play
Enticing you every day I managed to make you stay
Now the end of our day we can always lay making things right
You often say how you love me so
I know my wall can be so hard to climb
So I promise I won't put up a wall
I'll let it all fall away Then we can now have our day


Not sure what to do, I'm torn over you
I could love you and stay or get out of your way
Should I cross these trax to the other side?
Where I can hide myself or find a new self
Put old me on a shelf, that never helps




<Take it in being you is no sin
You have to begin or you'll never grin
Your way and sway, it's what you're meant to be
The reason you were sent
Try not to let yourself get bent, oh just take it in, yea>

Do as you wish but I'll promise you this
You'll find no one like me
Cuz I've been the hippie with too much fight
I've been the head banger with not, not enough bite
But I've loved being the freaky freak that I am
Most don't even know where to stand
But I understand in this land of freedom
We don't always know How to seedem' and greetem'
But that ok As long as you can find your stand
And come up with a plan


I've been all over America
I've seen so many dream their dreams
But never know how to endeavor
What it take to get your ass up and wake up and shake up what's inside
So you can thrive your drive
No compromise let it rise high in you
It doesn't matter if you don't have a clue
As long as you have some view of your dreams
Let yourself go far, know who you are


In the end it's only you and you have to be true
It's such a sad story when people just worry
Life's not meant for us to hurry
Slow down and smell the roses
Don't just look at all their poses
Learn to sit not give a shit
Don't let your teeth grit I'll get a bit you sit get lit.



The depression has suppressed your true feelings
Don't treat me like your scapegoat
I've been bruised, I've been used….
Don't treat me this way I'm not willing to play your games
They all end the same
With me in my hands
Asking you why
You bring me to tears


<<Why can't you reach for me when you're down?
You know I'm always around
Why can't you let me help you through this mess?
I don't want you to repress
There's nothing wrong with being scared
I want to be there>>

I want to see a change to rearrange
Your strange behavior
Cuz you're my savior Not my excavator
Please be careful with me
Oh I don't know why
I always start to cry
I'm asking you why
You bring me to tears


Make it easy on yourself
Allow me to help
Let's take this chance together
There's nothing wrong with being scared
I want to be there


Your Drift

You come home from work today
Yes I am in one of my bad sways
You lightly, kiss my check
We don't have to speak
I'm drifting in through your beautiful blue eyes
Now my sway can play You melt all that I'd felt away

<<I get moody and forget my duties
I get lazy and it drives you crazy
I get stupid but cupid hit us in the heart
And we'll never part
I thank you for loving me>>

Your drift can sift through my thoughts
With you I don't feel so lost
You help me glide along
No matter what is wrong
So I'll do anything, I'll do anything for you
Now my sway can play You melt all that I'd felt away


With nothing left to disguise
I can feel those butterflies
Our flowers they still grow
Even in our snow
I've always known how you've felt
You're steeling my heart away
Now my sway can play You melt all that I'd felt away



Time Keeps Tick'en

Time keeps tick'en
Time keeps tick'en away
Come back to bed and lay your sweet head
No need to open the curtains
You keep it bright
You keep my sight

<<But time keeps tick'en time keeps tick'en away
I'm afraid cuz the days are short and so is life
I can't seem to get enough of you
Cuz time keeps tick'en time keeps tick'en away>>

Life wasn't seen, glistening
Fear held on tight I felt I had to fight
But my darling dear is brave
Crossing new boundaries I'm saved
As time keeps tick'en time keeps tick'en away
Our light can't be faded
I won't become jaded
If I've crawled in my hole I'm in need of your soul


With my sweet, I'm complete
It is so trueI'm nothing without you
So let's lay this way forever Cuz I can endeavor life
As time keeps tick'en time keeps tick'en away
Leeward's how I fly
But as time goes by
My path becomes so swerved
But your love I deserve


You took a chance in me
You gave this butterfly, some gravity
You're my reality



Our lives are like water that always flows
And it's hard to know which way it'll go
Some days fly by with a quick pace
Just keep in mind, your life's not a race
While other days trickle ever so slowly
Like a brook, in no hurry, without any worry

<<Waves roll in waves roll out
Our mood can change with the moon no doubt
The ocean and skies they give no lies
Can you see God's disguise? >>

The currents can send you to places unknown
But in the end you've grown and oh how it's shown
We can have falls so harsh
But we can't stop, bursting in pieces
Yet just ahead calm water increases
So please don't despair always be aware (when)


With life going here and life going there
Not everything's fair, so find those that care
Keeping true love alive
Cuz under currents, they come up so fast
It is hard to hold on, making things last forever after
But if you don't grasp your line, you could just get left behind (cause)


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