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Merry Christmas

Nothing Is Impossible with God

The angel said “Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. You will be with Child and give birth to a Son and you are to give Him the name of Jesus.” For nothing is impossible with God. Mary said “I am the Lord’s servant.” —Luke 1:30-31, 37, 38 (NIV)

Mary was chosen to be the virgin mother of Jesus, and God knew she would accept the role’s challenges. Saying “yes” to God’s sovereign plan, she would experience both great sorrow and joy. Pregnant as a young teenager, she became a social outcast. Yet, she got to see the bond grow between the last prophet to live, John the Baptist, and Jesus the Messiah; they were cousins.

This family must have had extraordinary passion for the ways of God. Yet, Joseph’s first reaction to leave her due to the pregnancy must have left her emotionally broken and confused. Perhaps this confusion turned to joy when the angel visited Joseph, reassuring him, and he obeyed and stayed with her. Then after Jesus’ birth, they had to flee their home twice to reach safety. All her days as Jesus’ mother, she bore both pain and joy, right up until she watched Jesus die on a cross. Mary didn’t realize all she had said “yes” to when she told God she would be His servant, but she followed wholeheartedly. She believed God could do the impossible, and she was blessed as the only woman to experience it all. She served as the human vessel to carry the blessed Christ in her womb, and He grew in wisdom and stature as the world’s Savior and Messiah. She was able to prompt Jesus to perform His first miracle, turning water into wine, using her mother’s intuition; even Jesus needed a loving mother at his side. As Mary’s legacy, God blessed her as an example of motherly love for all the generations to come. God sovereignly gave us our mothers to be honored and loved. Have you accepted your responsibilities in your family? Are you serving God faithfully in that role? You can serve God faithfully by raising your children to love our Lord.

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