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S.J. is raising awareness to sexual abuse. It's her mission to stop the shame associated with being a victim. It's time to raise ourselves up and open the door to communication. Change Rocks!

Stefanie had the honor of writing this article about the healing power of Jesus. Anorexia can be overcome. God is still in the miracle business. Click the link below to read. 

Stefanie Jane uses her passion for music as an opener to help people be more comfortable talking about an uncomfortable subject for most. SJ grew up in a musical family and wanted to combine her passion with helping people break the stigma so many survivors feel.  25% of the women and 1 in 33 men, in the USA, have or will be sexually assaulted. Stefanie Jane has crafted a two hour presentation that opens the eyes of her listeners. She is a trained and active advocate for sexual assault survivors. SJ speaks professionally without being too descriptive yet she knows how to connect with people that have been sexually assault while educating and teaching prevention to those whom have not. Please contact Stefanie Jane if you are interested in hosting a sexual assault event at your school, church, or in your community.


Stefanie Jane loves to connect to The Lord through worship. Confident in Jesus, her Way Maker. 

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